Xuan-Yuan Sword 7

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In Xuan-Yuan Sword 7 there are quite a lot of souls, you can only stumble upon by chance without knowing the recipe. To make it less tedious, here is a list of recipes. If you do not have the items required, you can also get them by combining two items that produce a circle with the desired colour. If you combine multiple low res items, you can get a different colour but you don't need to combine more then two items to get anything by luck. Do not forget to max out your souls in the Harness Workshop and equip them!

Especially notable are the Soul of Scolar which increases experience, Soul of Firevoid which immunises against fire and makes the first Fireboss easy, Soul of Prevention which immunises against poison and helps in the fight against the Xiangs zombie body and the Soul of Sturdy which immunises against bleeding which is important against the boss that spits red fog which causes bleeding damage.

Soul of Scholar, increases experience up to 50%, white Soul of Sturdy, reduces bleeding, white Soul of Firevoid, reduces fire damage Soul of Malevolance Soul of Greed Soul of Crisis Soul of Healing, heals after killing enemy Soul of Fortification Soul of Ram Soul of Morale Soul of Breach Soul of Break Soul of Dexterity Soul of Purity Soul of Last Stand Soul of Soaring Soul of Conquer Soul of Majesty, increases max health Soul of Protection Soul of Direwolf, ingredient, white Blackflame Essence, ingredient Soul of Revive, revives and heals some health Soul of Intelligence, reduce Elysium energy usage, orange Soul of Wolfdrake, ingredient, blue Soul of Emberwolf, ingredient, blue Soul of Conquer, increase crit damage for fighting style Escort: Taowu Soul of Soaring, increase attack for fighting style Wolf Stance Soul of Last Stand, increase attack and defense when health is low Soul of Breach, inflicts burning when using Wolf Thrust

Mohist exclusive

Soul of Cinder Soul of Corrosion Soul of Fang

Xiang exclusive

Soul of Sprung, chance to ricochet upon hit

Some Hooked Crosses

hooked crosses

In Germany, where it symbolises luck and safety, you would land in jail for it.

Dev Room

dev room

This is the dev room, you can find it in the bottom left of the map at the end of the dungeon. There is a house in which you find a girl who claims to be a fan of the serious. Talk to her multiple times until she gives you a card and a portal opens in the house which leads you to this place where you find the developers saying stupid shit in broken English.

Guide: Fight against the laser shooting iron golem

I found this boss fight especially hard. Harder then the ones following. Use the attack and defense potions from your inventory. He becomes very strong after losing half his health bar. To indicate his rage, he begins glowing. So save your rift skill and your companions skills until then. If he glows, the laser kills you instantly. To prevent that from happening, never go to far away from him and let him swing at you and dash back as soon as you see him not doing the idle pose. When he is done swinging his sword around, dash forth and hit at him. Usually you can only hit one or two swings before he starts attacking again. This is a game of patience. If you run out of it, you die. You will win eventually.