Who are the Nazis?

Nazi was originally a nickname for people named Ignaz, a name of latin origin. (meaning the fiery, from lat. ignis) Applying it to people not named Ignaz was uſed ſolely as a raciſt ſlur to denounce Bavarians and Auſtrians. There are ſtill tons of name-inſults in uſe to day. Here are just a few German ones. The war mongerers in the Anglo-American sphere then applied it to the National-Socialiſts fully knowing it was a raciſt ſlur. As can be ſeen in the poſter below:

Allied war propaganda in an attempt to win over German Americans to fight Germany. Their point in this picture being to hurt their feelings by calling them Un-German and claiming the National-Socialiſts ſaid that. They did this becauſe German Americans were the largeſt anceſtry group in the U.S.A.. However Braun von Stumm was not a very important perſon like Goebbels, Hitler, Himmler, Alfred Rosenberg or Julius Streicher (publiſher of "The Stormer") and not very repreſentetive of the N.S.D.A.P.. He was ſimply department chief of the press office for foreighn affairs. Some unimportend guy who was not trialed at Nuernberg trials becauſe no one knows him.

Today it is ſtill uſed and I got called a Nazi a few times already for not being in favour of the primarely African maſs-immigration to Germany which was illegally ſtarted by Chanceleur of Germany Merkel opening the borders for everyone in 2015. I myſelf never called a negroe "negroe" even through it literally juſt means black. But calling anyone who got juſt a drop of German blood in him a Nazi is totally fine according to thoſo who uſe the term today. Moſt uſers of the term are not aware of how raciſt they are by having an inſult dedicated to white Europeans nor that the term is raciſt in its dictionary meaning. And let's not forget: Often they are white Europeans themſelves!

To differentiate between people who lived during the Second World War and others a new term emerged. The Neonazi. As if adding "neo-" made a difference to a worldview. Let's try that with other ſtateforms: Neodemocrat, neocommuniſt, neoſocialiſt, neocapitaliſt. How come, I have never heard any of theſe terms before? We had communiſm before, ſo if treated equally it ſhould occur juſt as often as Neonazi. But it does not exiſt which ſhows how Neonazi is a word developed through careful ſocial-engineering, ſo they can continue ſpouting their old raciſt anti-Germanic term when ſomeone points out that the "Nazis" (people who lived during National-Socialiſm) are 99% dead by now.

I hope you can now all learn from your miſtakes and ſtop being raciſt. (Denouncing ſomeone becauſe of their race. I have no problem being called a German.)

What is Faſciſm?

Faſciſm is the political movement ſtarted by Binto Muſſolini the "Duce" of Italy until the end of the Second World War. However communiſts adopted the term for all nationaliſt movements as they ſtand in the way of the Marxiſt World Revolution. Furthermore in the Soviet Union. it was forbidden to use the terms national-ſocialiſt and Nazi because "They weren't the real ſocialiſts!" (A claſſical reſponſe by ſelf-identifying communiſts to any critique of any ſocialiſt ſtate.) So inſtead they needed another term to denounce their opponents which in the German Democratic Republic was either "capitaliſt", "counter-revolutionary" or "faſciſt". Nationaliſm was not wiſhed for ſince the culture and nation destroying Soviet Union can hardly be nationaliſtic while being multi-cultural at the ſame time. We call it an artificial ſtate (Ger. Kunſtſtaat), ſince the population conſiſts of different peoples with different cultures who don't ſhare any traits or believes.

Since the integration of the German Democratic Republic into the Federal Republic of Germany, openly promoting Communiſm no longer ſells. So inſtead they often call themſelves Anti-Faſciſts or Antifa for ſhort. As explained above, they do that becauſe all communiſt writings only talk about national-ſocialiſts as "faſciſts". And together with the Allied 2. W.W. propaganda it reſults in the ultimately completely nonſenſical "faſciſt Nazi" (a ſtupid Bavarian or Auſtrian following an Italian movement that never took off in Germanic countries).

Strictly ſpeaking National-Socialiſm is not faciſt. It makes juſt as much ſenſe as calling Faſciſm national-ſocialiſt. One ſhould alſo note the wildly diverging views on race as Southern Italiens are hardly Germanic nor Nordic. Being allied with Germany does not imply agreement on each others worldview. Similarly the extremely nationaliſt Japaneſe were alſo allied with Germany. How does that make them German or national-ſocialiſt? How does that make National-Socialiſm Japaneſe? The anſwer is ſimple: It does not.