GPU Driver Guides

Clean NVidia Driver Setup

29. June 2021

To remove all bloat from NVidia drivers you unpack the driver using an archiver. Then you delete everything except:

Since version 397.93 you have to remove the following lines near the bottom of setup.cfg using any text editor:

<file name="${{EulaHtmlFile}}"/>
<file name="${{FunctionalConsentFile}}"/>
<file name="${{PrivacyPolicyFile}}"/>

This works for all drivers up to at least 466.47 which I am currently using. You do not have to repack the files. Simply run setup.exe to install the driver.

How to install AMD GPU drivers on Windows Server 2019

24. Mai 2022

AMD drivers for some reason throw an error on Windows Sever even through it's based on Windows 10. With this workaround you can still get them to run.